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Earn USD with eBay AI Pro

Welcome to SUTU PROSELLER PROGRAM! As a private eBay AI training program, we are dedicated to helping those looking to improve their skills in online selling through eBay. Our 1 to 1 tutoring ensures that you receive personalized instruction specific to your needs, resulting in long-term success. With the USD to MYR exchange rate soon to reach 5.0, now is the perfect time to take control of your eBay business with SUTU PROSELLER PROGRAM!


Why Join Us? Here is what you must read!

Our Team 

Our eBay training program is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their online selling skills. Our trainer has extensive experience in international shipping as well, having worked as a shipping service provider for cross-border ecommerce shipping to worldwide. By combining this knowledge with our vast eBay experience, we offer a unique and highly effective training program that can help you succeed in any market. Our program is designed to be flexible, so we can tailor it to your needs and schedule, ensuring that you get the most out of your training.


Ken, Autoparts supplier

I have been privileged to be a part of eBay AI Pro's training program for more than a decade. His expertise in navigating the complexities of eBay has been invaluable to me time and time again.

​Jane Wong,Realestate Agent


KC Tan, retired

Go ahead! you wont regrets this!

🌟eBay AI Pro Training and Support Program Overview! 🌟ONLY RM2300!

  1. 1-on-1 Zoom Training Sessions

    • Availability: Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

    • Features: Personalized, at your own pace, customized for your needs.

  2. No Inventory Business Model

    • Key Benefit: Access to profitable products for reselling.

    • Advantage: No upfront purchase required – pay after sales.

    • Ideal For: Those without their own products.

  3. Year-Long Support

    • Commitment: Full-year dedicated support.

    • Objective: Continuous guidance and growth assistance.

  4. eBay Marketplace Mastery

    • Method: Training with real-time eBay data and insights.

    • Goal: Gain a competitive edge in the eBay marketplace.

  5. AI Integration Training

    • Tools: Advanced AI tools, including ChatGPT and a custom GPT-4 model.

    • Focus: Specifically designed for eBay success.

  6. Discounted Express Shipping

    • Offer: Up to 60% savings on express shipping costs.

    • Benefit: Enhances e-commerce logistics.

  7. Cross-Border Expertise

    • Support: Professional advice on shipping, customs, and cross-border trading.

    • Assistance: Legal support for international challenges.

  8. Continuous Learning Resources

    • Resources: Comprehensive online learning materials.

    • Aim: Up-to-date skill enhancement and knowledge.

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